Top 5 Hindi Movies about Dating and Hookups

In most countries, cinema reflects how people live and think. The film industry has long been considered a reflection of society and the reality of what happens between individuals.

Bollywood has taken significant steps over the past decades regarding the dating scene in India, especially online dating. Many movies have touched upon things that were once considered taboo. Among them, live-in relationships have been the center of attention for many directors and producers.

Luckily, with these positive changes, you can now find Hindi Movies centered the plot around local hookups and couples moving in together without marriage. Young men and women have also shown great interest in them, showing that they find online dating services and modern relationships quite satisfying.

So if you’re interested in the modern culture of movies revolving around dates and hookups, make sure to add the following items to your list.

Salaam Namaste

Salaam Namaste is a product of 2005. It’s set in Australia, and many consider it as one of the first transitionsof the Indian movie industry to modern dating and relationships. The movie explores the love journey and the things that happen to them, including getting involved in a romantic relationship, moving in together, and even an unplanned pregnancy.

As it was the first story showing a live-in relationship, Salaam Namaste drew many eyeballs after its premiere.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

This movie has comedy, romance, and drama that tells the story of two people who meet after graduation and are also in their late 20s. Their first relationship is when they’re at the crossroads of various decisions for their life and job. After some years, they have fulfilled some of their dreams. The two go through a lot of challenges and fall in love with each other.

Ok Jaanu

This 2017 Hindi movie revolved around the life of a man and woman who do not believe in marriage but are interested in living together. The couple feels happy with their live-in decision of a no-strings-attached relationship, but their careers leave impacts on their life together. Eventually, they live together forever and start a family.


Set in London, this romanticdrama shows a love triangle between three individuals who live together. Cocktail shows the life of an Indian girl who has moved to London with her husband, but he leaves her. The alone woman meets a girl, and they become friends. One night when they go to a nightclub, she meets a man with whomshe experiences no-strings-attached relationships.

Pyaar ka Punchnama

This one is a 2011 Hindi comedy movie aimed at dating and live-in relationships. It’s a story of three roommates who start having problems with their girlfriends because they feel the girls try to dominate them. So the men decide to be by themselves for a time, but the three women find out and accompany them to the beach.

Last Thoughts

Ever since movies and TV shows about internet-based services attracted people, the online dating industry has undergone many positive changes. Nowadays, India is one of the largest online dating websites and apps markets, with thousands of men and women swiping right and left on member photos every day.

Bollywood has also helped the growth of this trend by the movies made around dating and modern relationships that don’t necessarily involve marriage. You can see many websites that have turned into the first matchmaking choice for men and women, especially the younger generations.

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